Our work throughout the water, energy and infrastructure sectors continues to be honoured for its excellence by top industry institutions; as does our superior commitment to safety.

Comlek offers a range of consultation services to assist you in the ongoing operation and maintenance of your waste-water treatment equipment. Water and waste-water engineering involves the entire water-cycle, from sourcing drinking water supplies in upland areas to treating and discharging waste-water resulting from urban and industrial activities.

In partnership with our clients, we provide world-class water and waste-water solutions.

Engineers and environmental organisations work together in their attempts to manage the use of water resources, while maintaining appropriate levels of environmental protection. A very complex job indeed, but one in which Comlek can play a crucial role in developing optimal solutions. The diverse needs of different stakeholders can produce a complex web of regulation that involves water and constituents carried with it on its journey from source to sea. Sediments, nutrients, and dissolved and adsorbed elements present different problems to different groups and agencies, however, a knowledge of the way in which the transport medium (water) moves is common to all.

Understanding the function of individual components of a water or waste-water engineering project enables Comlek to develop innovative designs and to improve the performance of existing systems at a minimum cost.

As consumers become more aware of the environmental impact of their activities, water utilities and suppliers need to take better advantage of the wide range of technological solutions designed to maintain an effective balance between cost to the consumer and benefit to the environment. Providing an increased confidence in system operation and maximising system performance reduces waste and delivers improved environmental quality.

A few of Comlek’s recent projects and clients:

  • Unity Water
  • Mackay Regional Council
  • Whitsunday Regional Council