Comlek’s Electrical Division is able to provide all required electrical services for industrial and heavy industrial sectors; from break downs and repairs to design and construction of new facilities. Comlek’s employees cover a broad skill base including engineering, high voltage, instrumentation and hazardous area qualifications.

Comlek provide complete project management, quoting, design, procurement, construction, commissioning and ongoing maintenance. We also provide basic electrical contractor services to clients that have their own project management and design teams.

Comlek’s workshop capabilities also extend into the field; as we are a large switchboard designer and manufacturer, we are able to provide custom solutions for upgrade of existing switchboard as well as maintenance programs such as primary and secondary testing of protection equipment.


  • RPEQ Electrical Engineers
  • Electrical Supervisors
  • EEHA Electricians
  • Instrumentation Electricians
  • Control Systems Electricians
  • High Voltage Electricians


  • Electrical Engineering and Project Management
  • Switchboard manufacture and installation
  • Site construction
  • Primary and secondary injection testing
  • Emergency breakdown service
  • Fault Finding of electrical circuits and control systems
  • Compliance auditing
  • HA Inspections, Audits Maintenance and Repairs
  • High Voltage, Installations and terminations
  • Thermography of Switchboards for preventive maintenance solutions.
  • Power Study for unity power factor and harmonics
  • Supply of Parts
  • Hire of specialist electrical equipment
  • Test and Tag
  • RCD injection testing