Comlek has extensive experience in both opencut and underground mining activities on a National and International level. Our experiences provides us with:

  • Knowledge of the areas of operation
  • Proven work performance and efficiency
  • Safety and environmental record
  • Asset management
  • Ability to integrate up-to-date technology with cost efficiencies
  • Cost competitiveness with no compromise to quality, safety and performance
  • Legislative and standard requirements

In addition to the services listed elsewhere, Comlek provides these services to the Mining Industry:

  • Dragline and Shovel Maintenance
  • Coal Handling Infrastructure
  • Air Conditioning Servicing and installation
  • Generator and Lighting Plant Maintenance and Overhauls
  • Engineering Maintenance and Construction
  • Electrical Projects and Design
  • Statutory Electrical Testing
  • Hazardous Area Audits and Installations
  • Light Vehicle servicing
  • Hire of Equipment including Lighting Plants and Generators
  • AS/NZS 3800 Overhauls
  • Switchboard Design and Manufacture
  • HV and Hazardous Area Training
  • Drafting Services

A few of Comlek’s recent projects and clients :

  • Government of India, Piparwar Project in Bihar, India. 6.5 MTY open cut coal mine.  Design, construct and commission.
  • PT Bukit Asam, Indonesia. Open cut mine. Greenfield Design and Construct.
  • BMA, Crinum/Gregory/Saraji Coal Mines. 8.3MTY and 5MTY respectively. Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Services.
  • Glencore, Oaky Creek/Collinsville Mines.  Underground and Open-Cut Mines. Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Services.