Comlek has a high focus on your agricultural and farming electrical requirements. we’re able to conduct engineering to reduce your electricity costs as well as maintaining the electrical systems for all agricultural programs. Comlek has highly skilled Engineers and Electricians who are able to perform audits on your current system to ensure that you are have the maximum in energy savings, they are compliant with Australian Standards and Regulations.

It is imperative that the agricultural operations are well-maintained and operating to give minimal interruption to production to ensure at all times a smooth operating system .

Comlek are able to assist with new operations in creating a system design that will be efficient for business, also we’re able to upgrade and restore old systems where required. Comlek are able to test all voltages from LV to HV, relay injection testing and ductor testing to give effective and efficiency to the maintenance requirements.


  • Electrical distribution over large properties
  • Pumps and machine maintenance
  • Refinery, milling and facility control systems
  • Trenching and electric fencing
  • Outdoor lighting and lightning protection
  • Hazardous Area analysis
  • Solar, wind and remote power and monitoring
  • Development of compliance and operating procedures

A few of Comlek’s recent projects and clients:

  • NSW Sugar Milling Co-operative
  • Wilmar International
  • Graincorp
  • NCMC foods
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