Comlek offers a range of services which covers Power Stations, Substations, Generators, Transformers, RMUs, Switchrooms, Switchboards, Distribution Boards, underground and aboveground cabling. We can provide services for all stages of your project from feasibility, design, procurement, installation, commissioning and operation and maintenance services.

Power Generation

  • Design, install and commission Power Generation Systems including reciprocating and turbine based engines and can design and configure modular systems that allow generator switching, synchronisation, load sharing and shedding.
  • Grid connected generators and remote generation for backup or prime power requirements that run on NG, diesel, LPG, ULP or multi-fuel systems.
  • Alternative and Renewable energy systems such as solar, wind, hydroelectric and other low emissions based energy systems.
  • Load Profile studies and analysis.
  • Power Efficiency and Power Quality Audits and Studies.
  • Control and Communications Systems.
  • Hazardous Area and Type B Services.

A few of Comleks recent projects and clients:

  • Stanwell
  • Glencore
  • Epic Energy