Oil and Gas is a market that is dominating the industrial sector with many inseam coal and natural gas projects. Comlek has become a major supplier in this industry.

Familiarity with relevant Oil and Gas legislation allows Comlek to maintain the compliance of our clients with all governing and regulatory bodies for all past, present and future projects. We can provide Power Generation and LV/HV systems to supply your system or facility requirements.

Our control system and communication network experience enables us to design, install and maintain control system onhealthy.net networks that can span geographically widespread areas. This includes CSG wells, LNG/CNG facilities, pipeline systems, compressor stations and processing plants.

Comlek specialises in all aspects of Hazardous Areas environments including engineering, design, installations and maintenance for the Oil/Gas and hazardous Petrochemical industries.

We have a team of experienced hazardous area personnel providing the following services:

  • Zoning and Design of Hazardous Area Installations
  • EEHA Inspections and Audits of Hazardous Area Installations.
  • Installation and Maintenance of electrical equipment.
  • Hazardous Area Dossier compilation and review.
  • Intrinsically Safe Calculations, Ventilation Calculations, Dispersion Modelling and Enclosure Heat Calculations.
  • Electrical Safety Office Qualified Hazardous Area Auditors.
  • CAD certification (Conformity Comparison Assessments with international standards).

A few of Comlek’s recent projects and clients:

  • Xstrata/Glencore Coal – ongoing design, installations and maintenance of inseam gas wells.
  • Vale – ongoing design, installations and maintenance of inseam gas wells.
  • Arrow Energy – Hazardous audits of inseam gas wells and the Bowen Pipeline project from Moranbah to Gladstone.
  • Origin Energy – APLNG Projects including International Hazardous Area Inspection for Manufacturing to Australian and IEC compliance. Australian site Hazardous Area Inspection for introduction to Hydrocarbons. Electrical and control system modification and rectification of facility equipment. Commissioning services.
  • Krohne Malaysia – Ongoing Hazardous Area inspections of GLNG,APLNG manufactured Skids including Dossier Manufacturing. SIL and RPEQ engineering reviews and signoff.